Kingston Beach & Alum Cliffs Track

I try to get out as often as possible for walks in my local area. In Tasmania the choice of walks are endless and only minutes away. This is where I source a lot of my inspiration for future artworks. This weekend Kingston Beach and Alum Cliffs Track were the choice walks. This one I hadn’t walked before as I haven’t spent a lot of time in the area. Definitely worth the visit and not an overly difficult walk. It was a beautiful Tasmanian winters day. Just perfect for a stroll.

I often feel too many people forget about the beautiful environments around us. Too focused on their phones, games, and work to get out and explore the world. Trust me fresh air will do you good. So go get out there and enjoy the world around you.


“A bird majestically gliding through the sky captures my attention, all else fades into nothingness. Seemingly without a care in the world it almost floats to a nearby tree where it perches and waits. As if knowing I am starring it turns to look at me, not threatened by my presence but almost content. Its gaze passes and finds something of more interest, suddenly dropping from its perch plummeting to the ground. In pursuit of something unseen by the human eye it dips before turning and flying upwards again. Flying off it departs. I am left in a trance wondering what it saw and where it might go now. Then an artwork comes to mind aching to be drawn. These moments are frequent and necessary, they are my inspiration.”


New Website!

Welcome to my new website!!!

I’ve finally gotten around to creating my new website. This is certainly something I have been procrastinating on. Websites aren’t easy to create from scratch especially when you have no technical knowledge or experience in the area. But considering this I think it’s turned out quite well. I will be continuing to update and edit it as time goes by so please feel free to provide any feedback or recommendations on anything you think may be missing or requires editing. Always happy to receive constructive feedback. You can do this by commenting below, emailing me, or messaging me via social media. Details below.



Until next time,