Nature is a fundamental influence for my art. Mostly through experiences I have in the natural world, interacting and exploring. A favourite pass time, outside art, is hiking through Tasmania’s National Parks. I take hundreds of photos because I never know what might influence a future artwork. However, I find the photos I take never do the scene justice. Being able to combine my own memories with my photos into an artwork enables me to bring back that sense of beauty lost in the photo whilst also adding my own personal touch. Whether my art has referenced nature directly through representational pieces, or on a more abstract level, there is always a link back to something I experienced firsthand. And that I think is what makes it so special.

The below are examples of some of the thousands upon thousands of photos I have taken. Now, I’m no photographer, these are more documentary than anything and often taken on my camera phone, but every photo is important in it’s own way. They’re like visual snap shots of my memories.


Liffey Falls, Tasmania

Liffey Falls

Liffey Falls2

Bicheno, Tasmania

Bicheno CR2

Fossil Cove, Tasmania


Fossil Cove

Honeymoon Bay, Freycinet, Tasmania.

Honeymoon Bay Freycinet CR2

Octopus Tree, Mt. Wellington / Kunanyi, Tasmania

Octopus Tree CR2

Butterfly, Cairns, Queensland

Butterfly Cairns CR2

Mt. Field National Park, Tasmania

Mt Field

Nelson Falls, just passed Derwent Bridge, Tasmania

Nelson falls CR2

Snow on Mt. Wellington / Kunanyi, Tasmania


Wombats, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Wombats Cradle Mountain CR2

Yellow Pigface Succulent, Bicheno, Tasmania

Yellow Pigface Succulent Bicheno CR2


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