Black & White


Graphite and ink on paper

A3 2018

Zebra B&W


Graphite and ink on paper

A3 2018

Dieago BW 2018 CR

‘Berliner Dom’ (left)

Whilst living in Berlin in 2013 I absolutely fell in love with the Berliner Dom (The Berlin Cathedral). Not only is the exterior covered in intricate detail this also extends into the interior covering walls and ceilings. The views from the top are also spectacular in their own right. I visited this building so many times and have drawn it many times since then. Certainly something you need to see in person to really appreciate.

Graphite and ink on paper

A3 2017

‘Buddha’  (right)

This was painted from the Buddha sculpture on display at the National Gallery of Victoria’s exhibition ‘Buddha’s Smile’ 2017. The striking pattern in the sculpture really drew my attention.

Watercolour paint and ink on paper

A4 2017

Berliner Dom and Budha


Watercolour pencil and ink on 300gsm watercolour paper

A4 2016

Saphira BW Eiffel Tower CR

‘Sunflower from my Garden’

Graphite and ink on paper

A3 2019

Sunflower BW

‘Sulphar Crested Cockatoo’

(Reference photo courtesy of David Hicks)

Charcoal, graphite, and ink on paper

A3 2019

Cockatoo BW CR





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